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Mouth Guard for Kids
Wichita, KS

Dr. Healy examining a child's teeth for mouthgurd at Tiny Teeth Pediatric DentistrySports, such as soccer, football, basketball, martial arts and more, are a great way to get your child active. They are also great for teaching your child how to work with others and boosting their confidence. However, many sports also pose a risk of injury. If your child is involved in a sports team, you know the importance of good protective gear. This gear is essential for preventing serious injuries. You can find much of the protective gear your child needs at your local sporting goods store. For the best oral protection for your child, though, a custom fit mouthguard is best. At Tiny Teeth Pediatric Dentistry, we can help.

What Is a Mouthguard?

A mouthguard is an oral device that is used to protect the mouth, preventing it from serious harm in the event of contact or an accident during a sports activity. While commonly known to protect the teeth, the mouthguard serves several functions. It protects the teeth from damages such as cracks and fractures. It can also prevent the teeth from being dislodged or knocked out. A mouthguard protects the soft tissues of the mouth from injuries such as lacerations or contusions. It also protects the jaw from potential dislocation and fractures.

Do I Have to Have a Custom Mouthguard?

There are a few different types of mouthguards available. A stock mouthguard is the least expensive option and can be found at just about any sporting goods store. These mouthguards come pre-molded. While affordable, stock mouthguards do not properly fit most mouths, which can pose more of a risk of harm than it would of good.

Another widely available mouthguard is a boil and bite mouthguard. Like stock mouthguards, these mouthguards can be found at most sporting goods stores. These mouthguards are briefly boiled in water and slightly cooled before your child bites into them, creating a semi-custom mold of their mouth. They usually cost more than stock mouthguards and provide a bit more protection. The molds are not always perfect, though, which can increase the risk of injury.

At Tiny Teeth, we provide custom-fit, professionally made mouthguards for your child. Custom-fit mouthguards are made from precise impressions of the mouth, which enables an accurate, comfortable fit. While they cost more than commercially available mouthguards, they provide the greatest protection for your child.

Mouthguard Care

In order to provide your child with the best protection, mouthguards need to be properly cared for. They should be rinsed off before and after each use. They can be brushed with toothpaste or cleaned with soap and water as well. When not in use, mouthguards should be stored in a protective case that has vent holes. This helps to prevent the buildup of harmful bacteria. Mouthguards should not be left exposed to sunlight or high heat for prolonged periods of time. They should also be periodically inspected for damage. Even the smallest amount of damage to a mouthguard can affect its effectiveness, and it should be replaced right away.

Mouthguard Benefits

Mouthguards provide some benefits for your child during a sporting event. They protect the teeth from damage. Injuries to oral soft tissues can be prevented. They also reduce the risk of jaw dislocation and fractures. In preventing all of these injuries, you are saved from having to pay a potentially expensive dental bill.

If you are interested in a custom fit mouthguard for your child, call Tiny Teeth Pediatric Dentistry at (316) 202-9629 today!

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