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Laser Dentistry
Wichita, KS

A dental operatory 'hiding' in a fun building at Tiny Teeth Pediatric Dentistry.Going to the dentist can be a scary experience for a child. The sights and sounds of drills, needles, and other unfamiliar dental tools can send your child into a panic. They become tense and nervous. The dentist becomes associated with fear and pain, feelings that can carry over into adulthood.

At Tiny Teeth Pediatric Dentistry, it is our goal to make going to the dentist a positive experience for your child. From the atmosphere in our office to our friendly staff to the ways we speak and explain oral care to your child, we are committed to making every visit a pleasant one. We are also able to make many dental procedures less stressful, and far less frightening, with laser dentistry.

What Is Laser Dentistry?

Laser dentistry is a modern dental advancement that involves the use of a laser to perform a variety of different procedures that might otherwise use a drill or a scalpel. It involves the use of energy in the form of light. Our laser tool allows us to select different wavelengths, which are absorbed by the target areas, for different types of soft tissue and tooth treatments. Each target, whether it is decay, the tooth enamel, the gums or other soft tissues, absorbs different wavelengths while reflecting other types.

The use of the laser reduces or even eliminates, the need for anesthesia. The laser generates no heat and no vibrations, which can make undergoing necessary treatments much more comfortable for young patients.

Benefits of Laser Dentistry

There are numerous benefits to the use of laser dentistry for pediatric patients. These benefits include:
•  There are no needles involved.
•  No local anesthetic means that you do not have to worry about your child biting their lip, tongue or cheek while still numb.
•  Preservation of more tooth structure. The laser is more accurate and easier to control, meaning less tooth structure needs to be removed in tooth preparation.
•  Less fear of dental visits for your child, which means less stress for you.
No need for sutures following soft tissue treatment.
•  Less pain and swelling following treatment.
•  Your child can return to their daily routine faster.

What Procedures Can Be Done With Laser Dentistry?

The laser can be used to perform a wide variety of different treatments. These treatments include:
•  Frenectomies. This procedure involves cutting the frenulum under the tongue, typically done for infants who are tongue-tied. It can also be used to cut the frenulum that attaches the upper lip to the gums in the event of a lip tie.
•  Fillings. The laser can target the decay in a tooth and remove it, and prepare the tooth for a filling.
•  Sealants. Lasers can be used to kill bacteria. The light beams can penetrate deep into the crevices and grooves of the teeth, effectively removing all bacteria before the application of sealants.
•  Exposing unerupted teeth. This involves opening the gum tissue so the teeth can come through.
•  Pulpotomies. This involves the removal of infected pulp from a baby tooth.
•  Recontouring gum tissue.
•  Treating cancer sores or cold sores.
•  Deep cleaning of the gums.

With laser dentistry, we can help your child to feel more comfortable in our office, and associate dental visits with positive experiences. For more information, call Tiny Teeth Pediatric Dentistry today at (316) 202-9629.

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Laser dentistry is a modern dental advancement that involves the use of a laser to perform a variety of different procedures that might otherwise use a drill or a scalpel.
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