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Fluoride Treatment in Wichita KS

Young boy patiently keeping his mouth open while his female dental assistant applies fluoride solution to his teeth at Tiny Teeth Pediatric Dentistry.Although you observe a strict oral hygiene routine to keep your teeth from harmful bacteria, biofilm, dental plaque, and other debris, they may still be prone to cavities. People who consume sugars and acidic foods, or those who grind their teeth, may put their teeth in danger of cavities. Fluoride treatment aims at providing more protection to your teeth.

Tiny Teeth Pediatric Dentistry understands the need for preventive care. For that reason, we ask our patients to come in for fluoride treatment if they are susceptible to cavities. Children tend to get cavities more than adults. As such, we ask parents to bring them to our offices for fluoride treatment. However, we do also provide this treatment to adults.

What Is Fluoride Treatment?

Many foods we consume and the water we drink contain fluoride. The mineral occurs naturally in these sources and helps restore tooth enamel. Since people may not get adequate fluoride from such sources, we may request that additional fluoride be considered to strengthen tooth health and offer protection from cavities.

Importance of Fluoride Treatment for Children

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that among children aged six to year years, more than half (52 percent) have had cavities in their baby or primary teeth. Among adolescents aged 12 to 19, about 57 percent have had dental cavities in their permanent teeth. Cavities in children are prevalent because children may not observe their oral hygiene regimen properly. They also crave sugar and sweet foods and drinks. There are many reasons children should get fluoride treatment:

Promotes Strong and Healthy Teeth

Administering fluoride treatment to children helps prevent dental caries and strengthen their teeth. This way, the oral health of children is promoted presently and in the future. Fluoride remineralizes the teeth, making them stronger and healthier. Additionally, providing the treatment in children helps minimize the dangers of gum disease or having weakened enamel that is prone to cavities.

Prevents Tooth Decay and Cavities

Children who receive fluoride treatment are less likely to have decay and cavities. Fluoride makes the enamel stronger and able to ward off decay or holes developing. Dental cavities occur when the enamel is eaten away or damaged by things like acids and sugars or wear.

Reverses Early Stages of Tooth Decay

When tooth decay sets in, it is easier to reverse the damage by receiving fluoride therapy. However, if left to continue, then the decay may be irreversible. We inspect the mouth and teeth of your child to see if decay may be setting in and then suggest fluoride treatment.

Safe and Effective

Fluoride is considered safe and effective at strengthening and protecting teeth. However, it should be administered properly and at the right dosage since excess fluoride is also harmful. Ingesting fluoride for an extended period could bring problems. Too much fluoride can result in fluorosis, a condition in which the teeth encounter intrinsic staining.

Even so, fluoride is very safe. The American Dental Association even shows that over 125 organizations in the world, including the World Health Organization (WHO), do recognize the safety and legitimacy, as well as the benefits of fluoride, to oral health. When applied by a dental professional, fluoride is very safe and healthy for the teeth and general health.

Benefits of Fluoride Treatment

Having fluoride treatment brings about many benefits to the teeth of children. It works on the teeth to provide strength, reduce sensitivity, and offer long-term protection.

Enhanced Enamel Strength

Every day, our teeth are damaged by acids, bacteria, and sugars that wear down the outer protective layer referred to as enamel. When this hard covering is weakened or damaged, it gives an opportunity for elements in the mouth to damage it. Fluoride strengthens teeth by remineralizing them. It restores lost calcium and phosphate, hence rebuilding the enamel.

Reduced Sensitivity

When the enamel wears out, is exposed, or develops holes, your teeth may become sensitive. Receiving fluoride therapy rebuilds the enamel, helping minimize sensitivity.

Long-Lasting Protection

Since fluoride gets absorbed into the enamel, it gives protection for a long time. If you observe proper hygiene and see the dentist regularly, your teeth will remain protected for a long time.

Fluoride Treatment FAQs

If you are thinking of having fluoride treatment, there may be questions you have. It is always prudent that you know what to expect from this treatment and what it involves.

Is fluoride treatment painful?

Fluoride treatment is not painful since our dentist does not file down or drill into the teeth. It is applied over the tooth with no risk of pain.

Can children undergo fluoride treatment if they have braces?

We know that wearing fixed braces presents challenges in cleaning teeth. The fixed wires, brackets, and bands are an obstacle to effective teeth cleaning. As such, we recommend fluoride treatment as an additional tool for the protection of the teeth during braces treatment.

How long does a fluoride treatment session take?

Receiving a topical fluoride treatment is among the simplest and quickest procedures to get in a dental office. In less than five minutes, you can have your treatment session completed.

When should my child start fluoride treatment?

In children, the teeth are still developing, and the enamel may not have hardened or grown enough to provide protection. Again, the craving for sugars makes children prone to cavities. Thus, fluoride treatment is crucial from the age of six months to about 16 years. It is during this time when the primary as well as adult, or permanent teeth, are forming.

What can my child eat after fluoride treatment?

Once your child receives fluoride treatment, it is crucial that your child avoids food and water for a couple of hours, as these could wash away the fluoride. The teeth are still absorbing the fluoride into the enamel and need optimal absorption for the most protection.

To learn more about fluoride treatment for children and adults, contact our dentist at Tiny Teeth Pediatric Dentistry. Call us at (316) 202-9629 to set up an appointment to learn why fluoride treatment is crucial for your child.

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Fluoride Treatment in Wichita KS
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