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Dental X-Ray for Children
Wichita, KS

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Dr. Healy reviewing digital x-ray of a kid while working on her teeth at Tiny Teeth Pediatric DentistryAt Tiny Teeth Pediatric Dentistry, we strive to provide your child with the best possible oral health care. Along with cleaning and examining the teeth of your child, we also take dental x-rays. Dental x-rays are a valuable diagnostic tool that provides us with a unique look into the mouth. These images enable us to see the structures in the mouth that would otherwise go unseen, such as the roots of the teeth, ligaments, and the jawbone. Because they are so useful, they are an important part of the dental visit.

Why Does My Child Need X-rays?

X-rays are an important part of a dental visit. They enable us to see the numerous hidden structures within the mouth as well as allow us to diagnose an array of oral health issues. There are many reasons why your child may need x-rays.
•  To spot tooth decay, and cavities, in between the teeth, which would otherwise not be able to be seen upon a regular visual exam of the mouth.
•  To determine if there is sufficient space in the mouth for all of the developing permanent teeth.
•  To determine if the baby teeth are being lost promptly so that the permanent teeth can erupt properly.
•  To see whether or not there are adult teeth present in the jaw.
•  To assess the development of the teeth and jaw.
•  To determine the necessity for orthodontic treatment, whether now or later in life.
•  To evaluate the extent of the damage caused by oral or facial trauma.
•  To assess the state of the wisdom teeth.

Types of X-rays

There are a few different types of x-rays that we may take. The type we take will depend upon what we are looking for.
•  Bitewing. These x-rays are used to look at the crowns of the teeth in a specific area of the mouth. They are useful for checking for cavities between the teeth.
•  Periapical. These x-rays zoom in on one or two specific teeth and show the entire structure, including the crown, the root, and the surrounding bone. We can see damage to these teeth, as well as check for cavities.
•  Panoramic. These x-rays show the entire mouth on a single image. All teeth in the upper and lower jaws are visible. Panoramic x-rays help us to monitor development and assess the need for orthodontics.
•  Occlusal. These x-rays show an entire arch of teeth, whether the top jaw or bottom. We can see the placement of the teeth, and how they fit together when your child bites down.
•  Orthodontic. These images show the side of the head, and are helpful for planning orthodontic work.

Are X-rays Safe for Children?

Based on the specific needs and situation of your child, we can determine what frequency they should be taken. Thanks to technological advancements in the dental field, we use digital x-rays. Digital x-rays use significantly less radiation, reducing the exposure up to 95%. X-rays are completely safe. Children who are at a higher risk for cavities may require more x-rays than those who are not, so helping your child to keep their teeth clean can help to reduce the number of x-rays needed.

With x-rays, we can form a complete picture of the mouth, and better help to provide your child with optimal oral care. If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to call Tiny Teeth Pediatric Dentistry today at (316) 202-9629.

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