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Untreated Cavity Can Lead To Tooth Loss

Posted on 6/6/2022 by Tiny Teeth Pediatric Dentistry
Untreated Cavity Can Lead To Tooth LossWhen a cavity develops and is not treated, it can result in tooth pain. The cavity progresses down beyond the enamel to enter deep into the tooth. Your kid may end up losing their tooth. If a child loses their baby teeth due to cavity or decay, a dentist may fit spacers.

Use of Spacers

Although the loss of baby teeth may not seem an issue now, when the permanent teeth of the kid start erupting, the missing tooth may result in an eruption problem. It is for this reason that a pediatric dentist inserts a spacer within the space left by the prematurely lost teeth of a child. The spacer helps permanent teeth to come in normally and on schedule. If your kid has lost teeth due to cavities or decay, book them an appointment with a pediatric dentist. The dental specialist will install the spacers.

Preventing Cavities

Prevention of cavities is very important since tooth enamel isn't regenerated once it wears down or erodes. There are tips you can use to help prevent cavities in your little ones. Try to monitor the snacking and sipping habits of your children and see that they don't frequently consume sugary foods or drinks. Only allow the kid to drink milk, water, or sugar-free juice with a meal. As the kids eat, the food washes away the excess sugar found in the beverages. The water they drink also helps hydrate the mouth and increase saliva production. Saliva aids in naturally cleansing the mouth of bacteria and food debris that can lead to decay and cavities.

Also, limit the intake of sticky snacks that may dislodge in between the teeth because they can lead to cavities and decay. Learn more about cavities in kids and how to prevent them. Schedule an appointment with us to allow our team to examine the teeth and gums of your kid.

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