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How Kids' Braces Have Improved

Posted on 5/23/2022 by Tiny Teeth Pediatric Dentistry
How Kids' Braces Have ImprovedBraces help align teeth and shift them to the correct positions. Kids respond well to braces because their bones, including the jaw and teeth, are still developing, meaning they can easily move with the aid of braces. Nonetheless, that doesn't mean adults cannot benefit from braces; they too can wear them to shift teeth; the only difference is the timeframe for the alignment results. It takes longer when it comes to using braces to align teeth for adults, simply because the jawbone and teeth at fully developed and would need more time to shift. Advancements in braces make them an excellent option for straightening crooked or misaligned teeth. So what are some of the improvements we see in kids' braces today?

Improved Arch Wires

Kid's braces are more comfortable today, thanks to the advancement in archwires for these oral appliances. An archwire is a part that prevents the teeth from moving out of place once braces are fitted. The archwire works to straighten the teeth too. In the past, stainless steel wire used to be the material for the archwire, but today, more flexible allows are utilized, ensuring more comfort, particularly in the first couple of weeks of wear.

Little Brackets

In the past, the rings that were used to keep the brackets for braces in place were pretty large compared to what orthodontists use today. Bonded braces have replaced these metal rings, allowing the brackets to be able to adhere directly onto the affected teeth. The pieces are smaller yet simple to adjust, hence increasing comfort for the wearers.

Different Styles

In those olden days, kids didn't have many choices when choosing braces. Today, there are different varieties of braces that kids can choose, including bracket shapes, wire colors, and tones to help complement the tastes in coloring and attire. Kids' braces have advanced remarkably since the mid-20th century, when their use became widespread. Improved technology, wider styles, and greater comfort make these oral appliances simpler to wear compared to the past. To get more information about braces for kids, contact us at Tiny Teeth Pediatric Dentistry in Wichita today!

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