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Foods That Could Increase Your Child's Teething Pain

Posted on 1/10/2022 by Tiny Teeth Pediatric Dentistry
Foods That Could Increase Your Child's Teething PainWhen a baby is teething, they could experience pain and discomfort. There are several ways you can help your child manage the pain of teething. For instance, you can give them teething toys that will help distract them and relieve the pain. However, there are certain things that can increase your child's teething pain. For instance, there are foods that can worsen teething pain. Some of these foods include salted crackers, chips, ready-made meals, sweets, and chocolate.

Salted Crackers and Crisps

Just like many other processed foods, crackers and crisps have high salt levels. Normally, a baby needs very low amounts of salt, less than 1g a day. This is because their kidneys cannot handle excessive salt. High levels of salt will increase teething pain because of the corrosive effect. Therefore, it is important to prevent them from eating foods with high levels of salt like crisps and salted crackers.

Ready-Made Meals

Ready meals for older children and adults often contain high levels of salt and sugar. This makes them unhealthy for your baby's teeth. Instead of buying ready-made foods, you should make the same one at home and use low sugar and salt levels. If you have to use ready-made foods, always ensure that they're made for toddlers rather than older children or adults.

Sweets and Chocolate

Sweets and chocolate might be tasty for adults but not healthy for your baby. These foods are full of sugars, which are bad for a teething baby. They also encourage the presence of bacteria, which can worsen the teething pain. Therefore, it is important only to feed your teething child foods that can help them cope up. Drinking water is also encouraged at this time because it helps get rid of bacteria. You should also clean their teeth on a regular basis. Visit our offices for more information on the teething process.

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