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Why Are Baby Teeth Important?

Posted on 10/11/2021 by Tiny Teeth Pediatric Dentistry
Why Are Baby Teeth Important?Many parents often underestimate the importance of baby teeth. This is likely because of the fact that your child will eventually lose them anyway. However, baby teeth are invaluable to your child's normal development for both speech and their ability to eat. Baby teeth also protect them from a variety of other oral health concerns.

When your child begins to develop speech patterns, the presence of baby teeth will affect the way that they form words and sentences. Premature tooth loss can cause speech irregularities that can take years to correct. In addition, baby teeth allow your child to properly chew. Poor chewing can contribute to more frequent stomach irritation and digestive concerns.

Premature loss of baby teeth can even cause alignment issues in your child. Baby teeth serve as a guide for the development of adult teeth and help them come in straight. Losing baby teeth early increases the chances that your child will need braces or other expensive and time-consuming correction later in their life.

When Should My Child Get Their First Teeth?

As a general guide, you should expect to see your child's first tooth at around six months of age, but some babies run a little behind. This is not typically a cause for concern, but you should see at least one or two teeth by their first birthday, which is also when they should be brought in for their first visit.
Your child will gradually get the rest of their teeth over the next few years. According to Healthline, most children have all of their baby teeth by their third birthday. However, every child is unique, and you can expect this timeline to vary slightly one way or the other.

Your child's baby teeth are vital to all facets of their development and need proper care. If you are ready to get your child started with a skilled pediatric dental team, call our office today.

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