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Is Flossing Important for Children

Posted on 8/23/2021 by Tiny Teeth Pediatric Dentistry
Is Flossing Important for ChildrenFlossing is a crucial part of your overall dental hygiene, but is it also vital for your children? Flossing is undoubtedly essential to thoroughly clean your child's teeth. Helping them establishing regular flossing habits can greatly enhance their oral hygiene.

Dr. Healy and Dr. Martin at Tiny Teeth Pediatric Dentistry recommend teaching children the right way to floss at the age of two or three.

Steps to Flossing Teeth

Here are three easy ways your children can learn how to floss:

•  The first step is to make sure your child knows to cut around 18 inches of the floss.
•  Next, teach them the right way of wrapping the ends around their index or middle fingers of both hands.
•  Lastly, help them guide it between their teeth gently. The gloss should curve around their tooth and carefully sliding underneath the gum line.

It is essential to educate them about the importance of flossing and why they should be gentle and careful when flossing their teeth.

Useful Tips to Encourage Your Child to Floss

Dr. Healy recommends the following tips to help your children build a habit to floss every day:

•  Letting your children select their floss to make it more enjoyable for them.
•  Ensure you invest in a soft floss to prevent any aches or bleeding. Flavoured floss is certainly a hit when it comes to children.
•  Giving them a non-food reward for completing their weekly floss is a great way to motivate them.
•  Maintaining a chart for the entire family and adding a star for each member every day turns oral hygiene into an exciting game.
•  Help them understand that brushing and flossing every day can reduce the number of trips to the dentist. This will certainly keep them sticking to the flossing routine!

Flossing helps in eliminating any debris in areas where it is hard for the brush to reach. Adding it to your child's dental routine will enhance their oral hygiene and maintain their healthy smile.

To learn more ways to teach your child about dental hygiene or to book their routine examination, feel free to get in touch with us at (316) 202-9629.

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