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Why You Should Never Ignore Your Child's Gum Inflammation

Posted on 9/21/2021 by Tiny Teeth Pediatric Dentistry
Why You Should Never Ignore Your Child's Gum InflammationWhile gum disease is quite common among adults, its mildest form, gingivitis, often occurs in children and teenagers as well. For patients of all ages, gingivitis can be reversed if it is caught and treated early enough, so you should never ignore gum inflammation or other gingivitis symptoms in your child. Keep reading to learn more.

Gingivitis Signs to Look Out For in Your Child

The primary sign of gingivitis to look out for in your child is gum inflammation. The gums become inflamed due to plaque and tartar building up on your child's teeth and along the gum line. As a result, gingivitis causes the gums to swell up, turn red, and bleed when your child brushes or flosses his or her teeth. Your child might also have persistent bad breath and complain of increased sensitivity when they consume very hot or very cold foods and drinks.

How is Gingivitis in Children Treated?

Gingivitis in children is treated the same as it is for adults: by being diligent about oral hygiene. Your child should come see us for a professional cleaning, where we will also teach them the best ways to care for their teeth and gums. Make brushing twice a day and flossing once a day a priority in your household, and be sure to pay attention to your own oral hygiene in order to model good behavior for your child to follow.

Why It Is Important to Treat Gingivitis in Children

Just like adults, children can also develop serious gum problems if they do not follow proper oral hygiene and treat issues such as gum inflammation early. If gingivitis goes untreated, your child is at risk of developing advanced periodontitis, a serious condition that can damage the bones surrounding teeth and cause teeth to loosen. Teenagers are especially at risk of gum issues, as the hormone changes that occur during puberty can contribute to gum sensitivity and inflammation. Contact our office to see how we can help educate your child about the importance of gum health.

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