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Are Shark Teeth Something to Worry About?

Posted on 8/9/2021 by Tiny Teeth Pediatric Dentistry
Are Shark Teeth Something to Worry About?If you have not heard of the dental condition, shark teeth, the following information will give you more insight into this dental anomaly. The term refers to the fact that sharks feature 5 to 15 rows of teeth in their jaws. The teeth, which do not have roots, are replaced by other teeth after about a week.

What Are Shark Teeth in Children?

When the condition occurs in children, shark teeth define a condition where adult teeth develop behind a child's baby teeth, which creates a double row of teeth. When this happens, the adult teeth have failed to erupt, or the primary or baby teeth fail to resorb. In some cases, both incidents happen. In either case, the baby teeth have not fallen out or exfoliated when they should, thus causing a double row of teeth known as shark teeth.

Where Do Shark Teeth Occur?

Normally, shark teeth present themselves in the lower incisors in the front but may also emerge in the upper incisors as the adult molars grow in and develop. They frequently make an appearance around six years old but may also emerge as late as 11 years old or when the upper back molars come in.


In some instances, shark teeth do not need treatment, as the primary teeth will usually loosen and fall out on their own. The real issue, in this case, is if we can treat the teeth with orthodontics or will need to extract them.

At Tiny Teeth Pediatric Dentistry, we can monitor the situation with continued dental eruption assessments, so a child receives the treatment needed to develop a proper bite and smile. The primary teeth serve as placeholders for the adult teeth, so we may run into some issues if we remove them too soon.

If we can monitor the situation, shark teeth can be corrected or even may not need treatment. If your child has this condition, give us a call today at (316) 202-9629 for an exam and assessment.

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