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Common Childhood Dental Issues Most Kids Face

Posted on 7/26/2021 by Tiny Teeth Pediatric Dentistry
Common Childhood Dental Issues Most Kids FaceWhen you know what dental issues, your kids may face, you can meet any challenges with more confidence. The following information will give you details on what to expect.


One of the most common dental problems, cavities become a major issue for kids who eat lots of sugar. When they eat too many sweets, sticky plaque builds up on the teeth, which causes acid to eat away at the tooth enamel, wearing it away and forming a cavity. To ensure proper brushing, make sure your child has a firm grip on the handle of their toothbrush. You need to make sure your child is brushing properly, to prevent bacteria, food particles, and plaque from accumulating on the teeth.

Tooth Sensitivity

A child may also complain of tooth sensitivity - something that can cause him to become distracted from a normal routine. Tooth sensitivity results from various factors. Therefore, it is important to bring your child in regularly for dental checkups and cleanings. We can also check the underlying cause for tooth sensitivity. Underlying reasons may include decay, newly erupted adult teeth, acid erosion, bruxism (teeth grinding), a cracked filling, or orthodontics.

Dental Emergencies

Children can experience dental emergencies anytime they roughhouse or get involved in sports play. In some cases, a dental emergency may occur if a child falls off a bike or hits their head during play. In turn, we may have to treat a broken or chipped tooth or take care of a cracked filling. One way you can avoid dental emergencies is to have a custom mouthguard made for your child. While you can buy generic mouthguards, a custom-fitted mouth guard will better protect your child's mouth and teeth.

As you can see, a child may have several concerns about their oral health as they grow up. That is why it is important to schedule regular dental appointments for cleaning and exams twice a year. Give us a call today to arrange an appointment for an appointment for a consultation.

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