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What Sedation Options Are Available for My Child?

Posted on 2/22/2021 by Tiny Teeth Pediatric Dentistry
What Sedation Options Are Available for My Child?While one of the major goals of pediatric dentistry is to keep your child's smile healthy through the use of proven preventative measures, sometimes surgical interventions are necessary. When this is the case, sedative medications are used to keep your child comfortable during any procedure. There are several different types of sedation, based on your child's needs and the invasiveness of the procedure.

The most basic form of sedation involves the use of nitrous oxide, which is commonly referred to as laughing gas. This gas helps your child relax and put them at ease. However, most children will not fall asleep as a result of the gas.

Older children may also benefit from the use of mild or moderate sedation. These forms of sedation involve oral medications, which will put your child at ease, and many will still be able to follow simple instructions provided by our dental team. However, younger children typically do not do as well with this level of sedation.

More involved dental procedures can require the use of general anesthesia or deep sedation. Both of these will render your child completely unconscious and comfortable, which allows our professional to complete any necessary treatment. During deep sedation, your child's vital signs will be closely monitored by an independent professional.

When Is Sedation Necessary?

Sedation is a great way of eliminating discomfort and easing your child's nervousness. Deep sedation is needed for procedures that require your child to remain perfectly still. On the other hand, laughing gas or more moderate sedation can be used for minor procedures, such as the placement of a filling. Both forms of sedation are safe and involve continuous monitoring of your child. If you would like to learn more about the many benefits of sedation, call our office today.

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