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What is the Best Age to Start Transitioning from Bottles to Cups?

Posted on 5/15/2020 by Tiny Teeth Pediatric Dentistry
What is the Best Age to Start Transitioning from Bottles to Cups?
There's many different theories of what age to start the transitioning from bottles to cups for your child. Some say wait until they are about a year old and then some say start it when they're about six months old. There's a lot of information about why it's a good idea to start the transitioning at an early age. There is a lot of confusion about what age to start switching from bottle to cup. We are going to clarify at what age is the best to start giving them the cup.

Transitioning from Bottles to Cups

Most kids are ready to start drinking out of a cup between the ages of six and nine months old. Introducing the cup will also help with the development of a good grip. Waiting to start them on solid food around six months old, is a good time to start them on a cup. Giving them a cup every time you get a chance which help wean them completely from the bottle by the time they're 9 months old. Once your child starts walking they will be likely to carry the bottle around more than a cup. Therefore, they are more likely to suck on the bottle all the time, which isn't good for their teeth. Sucking on a bottle all the time could cause tooth decay. So, starting them with a cup as early as possible is the best idea. Having too much bottle time can cause a lot more ear infections. When you first start them out on a sippy cup give them water for the first time. Also, drinking from a cup doesn't cause the liquid to collect around their teeth. Something new they haven't tired may will entice them for the new wonderful experience.
These are some of the helpful tips that will help you boot the bottle and transition your baby to sippy cups. For more information, please contact us at our office.

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