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How To Soothe Teething Pain

Posted on 8/21/2023 by Tiny Teeth Pediatric Dentistry
How To Soothe Teething PainThere is nothing harder than being a parent when your child is in pain. However, teething pain can be soothed with some helpful tips. Nearly 75% of all babies suffer from teething pain, so there are a lot of great remedies for pain out there. Here are just a few great remedies to try when your baby begins teething.

Should I Start With OTC Pain Medications?

In general, dentists do not recommend you begin treating your child's teething pain with pain medication immediately. Instead, there are other things you can try first. You may want to try teething gel, which you can apply to your baby's gums, especially in areas that look red and swollen.

What Else Can I Try?

Many babies really enjoy gnawing on something hard and cold while they are teething. There are many teething rings available for babies, but you may want to check with your dentist to determine which teething rings they prefer. Some teething rings are composed of rubber you can place in the freezer, while others are hollow so that you can put ice or frozen fruit in them.

Another tried and true parent trick is a washcloth that has been saturated with water and frozen. Your baby can then gnaw on the washcloth. The act of gnawing on things soothes the gum where the tooth is erupting, which helps your child feel better.

Will Teething Always Hurt?

If you are worried that your child will continue to have a hard time with teething, you can ease your mind. In general, the first few teeth to erupt are the most difficult- although no one is sure why teething pain tends to ease up after the first few teeth. However, if your baby is still having issues with teething, you can consult a dentist to make sure everything with your baby's teething is going ok.

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