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My Kid Won't Drink Milk. Will That Affect His Teeth?

Posted on 6/19/2023 by Tiny Teeth Pediatric Dentistry
My Kid Won't Drink Milk. Will That Affect His Teeth?Between 25% and 50% of all children are picky eaters from time to time. In fact, over two-thirds of all toddlers will go through a spurt of picky eating, or continual eating of only one food. Picky eaters are a pain for parents, especially parents that are concerned with their child's dental health. If you have a kid who doesn't like dairy, for example, or can't ingest dairy well, here are some strategies for ensuring they are getting essential nutrients.

Is Milk Really That Important?

It isn't the milk itself that is important, but what is in the milk that matters. Milk is a great source of both vitamin D and calcium. Both of these nutrients are vital for teeth because they help teeth grow strong and stay strong. If your vitamin D levels are weak, your teeth may be weak too. Weak teeth mean your teeth are more susceptible to bacteria, which is what causes both cavities and gum disease.

Where Else Can My Child Get Vitamin D and Calcium?

If you are experiencing picky eater issues, there are some things you can do to make sure their vitamin D and calcium levels are within a normal range. Nearly all vitamin supplements for kids have both vitamin D and calcium in them, so giving your kid a multivitamin daily is helpful. Also, if you have a child who loves to play outdoors, the sun is a natural source of vitamin D- even with sunscreen on, your child is still getting vitamin D.

You can also try giving green leafy veggies, beans, and nuts to your child rather than milk. For example, you could make a smoothie with green spinach and add nut butter along with some fruit for a breakfast sensation. There are lots of ways to ensure children get their daily dose of tooth-strengthening vitamins and minerals.

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