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Your Child’s First Visit to the Dentist

Infant visit to dentist request an appointment

In accordance with the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, we recommend that children be brought to the dentist by age one. The ideal time for a child to see a dentist is when their first tooth has grown in but no later than their first birthday.

How to Prepare Your Child for a First Visit to the Dentist

If this is your child’s first trip to the dentist, you as a parent will play a large roll in preparing your child for this visit. Children are keen and can see if you are nervous or display any anxiety.

You can help to make their first trip to the dentist enjoyable and positive. A few tips include using positive language around your child when discussing his/her first visit and role-playing with your child such as counting teeth together. Children’s books and videos are available at most bookstores to also help with your first visit. Your child’s dental visit should be an important and fun adventure that if you are relaxed and positive about this experience, it will help them be positive, too.

What to Expect During the First Visit

The first visit will start with a review of your child’s medical and dental history and an initial examination. After a comprehensive examination of your child, any significant findings will be directly discussed with you. Dental radiographs are taken, if necessary, to ensure a thorough examination followed by oral hygiene instructions to emphasize proper oral health care.

All aspects of a preventive dental health program including diet, hygiene, sealants, and fluoride will also be discussed.

If able, a cleaning and polishing of their teeth will usually follow along with fluoride application. For optimal communication, we will explain each of our procedures in terms your child can understand. We want to make your child’s first appointment a positive experience in order to set the tone for future appointments. If any dental findings indicate further treatment is needed, then subsequent appointments may be scheduled.

It is always better to make a first dental appointment before your child has a dental problem or pain. By starting an early prevention program, future dental problem can be avoided. Often times, if tooth decay is detected early enough, there are therapies available that can be used to reverse or minimize their growth. Furthermore, by introducing your child when little dental treatment is needed, he/she becomes a better patient with a more positive attitude about dentistry.

What Forms to Bring to Your Child’s First Visit

  • Patient Registration
  • Medical History
  • Be sure to bring your insurance card!

These forms may be completed online and submitted ahead of time to decrease your time in the waiting room.

“I brought my very shy 4-year-old son to see Dr. Healy, and I was nervous about how he would do. My son felt totally at ease with the incredibly kind hygienist. She definitely knows how to work with kids! When Dr. Healy came in, my son listened to everything he said and did everything he asked. I was shocked! I think he has magical powers! This was the best experience we have ever had at a dentist. I will recommend Tiny Teeth to everyone who has kids!”

— Rocio