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Follow-Up Care for Dental Procedures and Treatments for Your Child

  • If your child has received a filling, nerve treatment, crown/cap, space maintainer, or extraction, the gum tissue may be sore and red. In addition, there may be some bleeding around the gum tissue. This is all normal and should resolve in 3-7 days with good brushing and flossing.
  • If you child had numbing, the lips and cheeks will be numb for up to three hours. Take care not to allow your child to bite their lip or cheek. We will provide you with cotton rolls to place in your child’s mouth to help reduce the chance of biting their soft tissue, but ultimately, close observation in younger children will be needed
  • Should you child bite his/her lip, a large sore with a whitish color will develop. This will heal in 7-10 days. If it is painful or not healing normally, call our office so we can advise if further care is indicated.
  • Extraction sites can bleed for some time. Immediately after the appointment your child will be told to bite on gauze in the area of extraction; have him/her continue to hold the gauze pressure for 15-20 minutes after completion. If bleeding returns, place more gauze or a towel and apply 15-20 minutes more of biting pressure. Should bleeding persist contact our office immediately.
  • If your child had an extraction, they should avoid carbonated beverages and straws for 3-5 days as they may interfere with proper extraction site healing.
  • We recommend Children’s Tylenol® or Children’s Motrin® for pain unless allergic to these medications. Please follow manufacturer's directions for usage and dosage. Please call our office immediately if pain persists after taking these medications for some time.
  • If a crown/cap or space maintainer was placed, take care to avoid hard, sticky, or chewy foods as they will dislodge the crown and/or space maintainer. If a crown or space maintainer is lost please call our office to have it replaced within in one week of being lost and bring the lost crown and/or space maintainer with you to the appointment.

“Dr. Healy and his staff provided excellent care for my 6-year-old son. The environment is bright and cheerful, and the staff is wonderful. My husband and I are thrilled with the treatment provided to our son. Thank you so much, Dr. Healy!”

— Valerie W.